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Branża: Dom i multimedia

UPC Poland Retail Stands, offering leading innovative digital services, expand the company’s sales network and supplement it with new points of sale which bring UPC offer even closer to customers thanks to their location in shopping galleries and weekend opening hours.

UPC Poland Retail Stands have been developed to address the needs of clients and make it easier for them to become familiar with UPC offer.

They are, therefore, the perfect solution for those who wish to turn to experts for information and receive details on the selected offer from UPC advisors, or sign a contract and purchase UPC services.

Each retail stand provides customers with full range of services available at retail stores, except for the collection of equipment.

Visit our retail stores to find the Happy Home offer, including innovative services, such as 500 Mbps Internet, digital TV with over 110 HD channels and a modern Wi-Fi Connect Box modem that allows you to enjoy high-speed Internet throughout your home. UPC offers as well fixed line phone solutions.

The most recent product offered by UPC Poland is the Horizon platform, containing a decoder of the latest generation with such features as, among others, simultaneous recording of four programmes, Horizon Go app to watch favourite programmes on mobile devices, and My Prime library of unique films and TV series. Digital TV from UPC is also an innovative Replay TV service that lets you watch selected programmes up to seven days back, including back to the beginning of the program that is already in progress.

More information on the opening hours of UPC retail stores and stands is available at:

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